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CLICS Exchange Students and Researchers
Portrait Name Student/ Researcher at Exchange at Type of work
Hessner   CMU Master Thesis
Fuhrmann   CMU Master Thesis
Dunaev   CMU Bachelor Thesis
FlorianPfisterer KIT CMU Bachelor Thesis
PascalWieler KIT CMU Master Thesis
Valentin_Rublack KIT CMU Bachelor Thesis
Jonas_Frey   CMU Bachelor Thesis
Dominik Bauer KIT CMU Master Thesis
Cornelia Schlangenhauf KIT CMU Masther Thesis
Xuan Tung Nguyen KIT CMU Bachelor Thesis
  KIT CMU Bachelor Thesis
MarkusMüller KIT CMU Research Stay for Doctoral Thesis
RobinSchmucker KIT CMU Intership / Bachelor Thesis
TheoBeffart_CLICS_STipendiat KIT CMU Bachelor Thesis
Jöbstl_CLICS-Stipendium KIT CMU Master Thesis
Weller_CLICS-STipendiat KIT Waseda Master Thesis
Lian_CLICS-Stipendiat KIT CMU Master Thesis
Niehues_profil KIT CMU Research Stay for Doctoral Thesis
CLICS_Stipenidiat_Franke KIT CMU Master Thesis
  KIT NAIST Master Thesis
Thanh-Le Ha KIT CMU  
sperber KIT CMU PhD-Thesis
Qingxiaoyang Zhu KIT CMU Master Thesis
Thomas Zenkel KIT CMU Master Thesis
Yuting Wang KIT CMU  
Yang_Zhang KIT CMU Bachelorthesis
PaulJaeger KIT CMU  
SimonKohl KIT CMU  
MatthiasSperber KIT NAIST  
MarvinRitter KIT CMU Master Thesis
MarcoVetter KIT NAIST