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CLICS International Exchange Programs

Robin Schmucker

The CLICS exchange programe supports bachelor students, master students and PhD students.

The goal of the exchange program will be to give the students and researchers the opportunity to conduct all or part of their research towards a degree, often in the form of a bachelor, master or PhD thesis, at a partner institution.

The exchange program will enable this exchange by supporting and coordinating the necessary administrative actions, such as finding joint supervisors at the host and sending institutions, dealing with visas, finding housing etc.

Further, the exchange program will support students by providing stipends for travel and accommodation costs for the students. The exchange program will implement the international cooperations that will be stimulated by the MOOCs, the summer schools and the distinguished lecturers series.


A symposium for all participants of the exchange program will be held every year. The candidates will present their planned work and will exchange with the students which have already completed their exchange stay. All exchange beneficiaries will compile a report and will deliver their thesis supported by the program.


Next deadline for application: June 30, 2020!