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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

MOOCs are a modern educational instrument with which large audiences all over the world can be reached. MOOCs make use of modern technologies, enabling interested students and audiences to go through this class remotely.

CLICS produced MOOCs in the areas of automatic speech recognition and machine translation.  The partners involved in the thematic network have outstanding expertise in these areas and belong to the leading educational and research institutions in the world in these areas. The instruments in the MOOCs include videos that teach content, scripts and books, intermediate and exit quizzes for student self-assessment and progress monitoring, animations, Wikis, discussion fora, mailing lists etc. MOOCs deliver educational content according to the latest results in pedagogical research in a multimodal way.

The CLICS MOOCs are integrated into the partners’ degree programs, so that students enrolled at one of the partner institutions can earn credits for their degree. Furthermore the MOOC on Machine Translation is available via the MOOC platform Coursera, see: https://de.coursera.org/learn/machinetranslation?