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The CLICS Project

CLICS will develop internationally distributed courses and extend their reach to more students and continuos learning. At the core of CLICS will be the creation of MOOCs in the areas of automatic speech recognition, machine translation and robotics. Grouped around these MOOCs will be additional instruments like summer schools and workshops, a distinguished lecture series, an exhange programs.

As a point of departure, CLICS uses the existing network of excellence, the international center for Advanced Communication Techologies, interACT. CLICS starts with a selected subset of the interACT partners which are research institutions with educational specialities, and course offerings and expertise teaching the scientific disciplines that will be developed in the "CLICS-courses".


MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses):

CLICS will create the following MOOCs:

  • Speech Recognition (2017)
  • Machine Translation (2017)
  • Robotics (2018)

The MOOCs will be accompanied by lab exercises, mentoring, and accreditation to support and engage students at each partner university in person.

The MOOCs will be given in English but in order to lower the language barrier for interested international participants we are going to utilize the technology of speech translation in order to offer automatically or semiautomatically gernerated multilingual subtitles.


Summer/Winter schools

Summer schools offer students and researchers the opportunity to receive intensive training in a specific field in an international environment from international instructors which goes beyond that what can be typically taught in regular university courses. We will therefore conduct summer schools in a joint effort among all partners, in order to offer participants a state-of-the-art event with up-to-date research results and under the guidance of internationally renowned instructors and research partners.

In total we will conduct three summer/winter schools at three different partner sites on three different topics (accordingly to the MOOCs):

  • automatic speech recognition, Seattle, Dec. 04-09, 2016

  • machine translation at KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany (2017)

  • robotics at Waseda, Tokyo, Japan (2018)


Distinguished lectures

The partners in the network have specific expertise in different areas and are renowned for different technology and research aspects. Through our distinguished lecture series we give them the opportunity to disseminate their expertise, latest research and results in their specializations in the form of talks and lectures. For this, the experts in the network visit other partner institutions to give talks and lectures. We will record these lectures and also provide multilingual subtitles for them, using automatic systems and the wisdom of the crowd.


Student exchange program

CLICS will conduct an exchange program at all levels of students and researchers: bachelor students, master students and PhD students. The goal of the exchange program will be to give the students and researchers the opportunity to conduct all or part of their research towards a degree, often in the form of a bachelor, master or PhD thesis, at a partner institution. The exchange program will enable this exchange by supporting and coordinating the necessary administrative actions, such as finding joint supervisors at the host and sending institutions, dealing with visas, finding housing etc.