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Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Congratulations! You have been admitted to the CLICS exchange program at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. But there is a lot to do before your trip can start.

As the visa process has recently changed, we are currently updating this information page. Please contact Margit Rödder


Visainformations (updated Okt. 2017)


In order to apply for your thesis at HKUST we advise you to apply for their own exchange programm.

Via their programm you will receive visa support, accomodation on campus (while it is expensive compared to German standards, it is cheap compared to off-campus accomodation in Hong Kong. Also, HKUST is a campus-university which builds its own unit in Hong Kong.) and a Student-ID which allows you access to the library, computer pools (incl. 130 HKD print balance).

With this programm you also receive student status which allows you to receive the student Octopus card (cheaper transport costs for bus and metro) and join all sorts of activities which the HKUST offers. Please, follow these steps:

  1. Find a suitable supervisor here at KIT. Preferably, your supervisor will search for a suitable supervisor at HKUST.
  2. Apply for InterACT with the necessary documents.
  3. Concurrently, apply for the programm by HKUST. At least 3 months before your preferred start date. The earlier, the better.*
  4. Apply for student visa.°

* Register at their online admission system and fill in the forms.
° Provide the university with all the necessary documents and pay the visa application fee, so they can handle the visa application process for you. The process will take about 4 weeks.

The needed documents are:


  • Transcripts of Records
  • Certificate of Study
  • Proof of English Literacy Proficiency (High School Diploma is usually enough)
  • Institute Support Form (use the form provided by HKUST and let this be signed by the Dean of Faculty)

  • Pay the application fee and send the application.

    Amongst approval you will receive:


    • an "Admission Letter" (proof that you are admitted to HKUST; this form includes your student number)
    • a "Hall Offer Letter" (tells you at which dorm you will be staying)
    • request to apply for their insurance (which is mandatory). The receipt has to be uploaded on the online admission system
    • Send the original copies of the uploaded documents to HKUST untill the mentioned deadline on the online system; for the original copies of your transcript of records go to "Studierendenservice"; ISS can send these documents in an official envelope from the KIT.

      You will receive the visa afterwards and can:


      • if you are from anywhere but Mainland China: Attach it to your passport
      • if you are from Mainland China: attach it to your exit-entry-permit (application will take roughly 2 weeks at the public security bureau with your hukou(户口))
      • if you are from Mainland China without hukou in China: You do not need an exit-entry-permit. The people at the airport will pull you out and be confused but let you enter HK anyways and activate your student visa. The documents you need for the visa are all stated in the online system. They include several forms, a bank statement, photos of yourself. In the [ID(E) 995 A] Visa/entry permit application form you can state "scholarships" as financial support. The bank statement should guaranty roughly an amount of at least 6200€ for 6 months on your bank account.

        Send the documents to HKUST to the provided address.

        The letter can be sent by Margit Rödder.



        We wish you the best of luck for your application!