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Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


You have been admitted to the CLICS exchange program at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. There is a lot to do before your trip can start.

As the visa process has recently changed, we are currently updating this information page. Please contact Margit Rödder


Visa (just for information about the rough process, not up to date)

For your study at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology you need a student visa. You should start the application process at least 3 months better 3 1/2 months before your study at HKUST.

At first its very important for HKUST to know the intended period (from DD/MM/YY to DD/MM/YY) of your stay.

Besides, you need to organize your flight, a place to live, appointments with contact persons and the consulate, fill in forms etc.

The following documents are required for student visa application:

  1. A copy of the letter of HKUST offering you admission to HKUST.
  2. A bank letter stating the amount of financial support you have for your study at HUKST. HKUST recommends that students should have no less than HK$ 24,000 per semester (approximately US $ 3,000) to cover their expenses for one semester (about  six  months). Besides the letter needs to be in English.
  3. Two photos.
  4. A copy of your passport.
  5. The application form: ID (E) 936 A, ID (E) 936 E, ID (E) 936 K and ID (E) 936 L which can be downloaded from the following website: www.seng.ust.hk/exchange/files/ID(E)936.pdf